Lyrics Sweet Love Anita Baker

Lyrics Sweet Love Anita Baker welcome to our related content. Sweet love, oh sweet love, how it fills my soul

The way you touch me, it makes me feel whole

Every moment, every day, I’m grateful for your presence

In your arms is where I find my true essence

From the way you smile to the way you speak

Oh darling, you make my knees feel weak

You’re the one who’s always by my side

Through the good and the bad, you never hide

In your eyes I see a love that’s pure and true

My heart sings with joy, just being with you

Sweet love, so tender and kind

You’re the one I’ll cherish until the end of time

From the moment I met you, I knew you were the one

My heart was captured, my life begun

I thank the stars above for bringing us together

And I promise to love you more with every passing weather

Sweet love, oh sweet love, how it fills my soul

I’ll love you forever, that’s my ultimate goal.

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